What Is Polyester Resin And Why Are Polyester Resin Plants Being Set?

Polyester Resin is an artificial material which has a variety of uses especially in manufacturing sector. Keeping it mind its various uses, there is a greater demand for this artificial material, therefore there have been large to medium scale Polyester Resin plants which are being set up everywhere. It is available in many forms such as a gel, liquid and a paste. Its chemical properties makes it sticky which provides it with a strong bond and there for is most appropriate for manufacturing good which require a strong stickiness.

Polyester Resin plants

Following are some of its uses and reasons as to why industrialist and manufactures are emphasising in setting up Polyester Resin plants.

Waterproof in nature- Since Polyester Resin in nature and has a great strength therefore it is the most desirable product for sealing different materials and parts especially for boats, yatches and airplane. These are heavy duty material which requires 100% safety regulation before it can be taken aboard, therefore Polyester Resin is best used for providing and sticking various parts to increase and provide a tensile and grip which does not get impacted even when it is in close contact of water.

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Heavy duty and inherent strength- Due to its robust character and light weight it is best used in construction industry. When it is mixed with acrylic, the strength increases even more. It is also used for water proofing to safe guard buildings especially during rainy season and cold weather. It is also used for decoration purpose as it can be coloured and can be used for embossed art.

Protection- Polyester Resin is widely used to block empty spaces and create an environment of vacuum .It is used in many electronic items such as washing machine and refrigerator to block the gaps. This also helps to protect the body from rusting as it provides a protective coating. This feature makes it appropriate for patio furniture which is generally exposed to weather condition and adverse climate.

Packing- Apart from strong base cover which protects electronic items and furniture, Polyester Resin is a very commonly used for production of cling film which is used for packaging. Once the Polyester Resin is dried on a plain surface it can then use for packaging. Cling film which is made of Polyester Resin is a very common material in every house especially in kitchen to provide a seal or a protective cover.

Why are Polyester Resin Plants Being Set?

Apart from so many advantages and benefits of Polyester Resin, the main reason for it wide use and establishment of Polyester Resin plant is that it is relatively cheaper than many material such as plastic, steel and iron, therefore it is more preferred to its counterparts. Its inherent features such as waterproof, light weight and robust strength make it more ideal for packing and safe guarding furniture, metal etc. The best part about Polyester Resin is that it can be derived from plant oil and starches and is biodegradable unlike plastic.

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